Train Your Brain For Deep Sleep With Massage TherapyStudying the brain is fascinating. We now know that the brain is fluid and ever changing. The old thought was that the brain “locked” itself in around the age of 25 and wasn’t capable of changing, but exciting new research suggests that we can change our brains with a simple thought.

Researchers have already begun to develop a map of the brain. One of the most intriguing studies shows that elite athletes perform on certain wavelengths that the brain emits. When all the wavelengths are quiet except for these specific wavelengths, then performance increases tenfold. In fact, the study allowed archery rookies to perform at an elite level when they were trained to put their mind in the right place.

Wavelengths are also an integral part of your sleep cycle. Your brain emits delta waves when it is time to turn the lights out. These waves are long, slow and curvy. They are the kind of soothing waves that put you to sleep when you are on the massage table. In fact, massage therapy trains your brain to develop delta waves. It’s a radical thought changer.

Because your brain is malleable—in a figurative sense—you can train it to think in a certain manner. You can train it to perform like Olympic archers, or you can train it to achieve deep, lasting, restful sleep. When you are on the massage table, be aware of your state of mind. Take note of how it feels to be massaged and lock that feeling into your memory. The next time you lay down to sleep, conjure up those feelings and your brain will start emitting delta waves. The waves will crash on the beach in your mind and you will be asleep in no time. Let us at Pro Sports Massage and Spa help you train your mind for that deep, meaningful sleep that you desire.