Therapeutic Massage Relieves Migraine HeadachesIt can seem like pain is just a part of growing older. You begin to just accept the fact that you will have more aches and pains, more headaches and more injuries. You’ve probably even told a close friend, “I’m getting old,” when you lift your body up and out of chair and it creaks. What most people don’t realize is that their body is sinking into these injuries. It is getting accustomed to reduced blood flow, musculoskeletal imbalances and nerve impingement. It begins, over time, to expect feeling that way. The good news is that a therapeutic massage can greatly reduce pain of all kinds.

Studies have shown the pain relief power of massage through a broad range of maladies including PMS, migraines and headaches, nerve pain and sports injuries.

One of the most shocking discoveries comes from the study of migraines. Migraines are extreme headaches that can affect a person’s daily life. They come with sensitivity to light and motion, debilitating pain and they can last for hours. Doctors don’t know where these extreme pains come from, but they do know that massage reduces the symptoms of a migraine almost immediately.

In fact, regular massage has proven to reduce all symptoms associated with regular migraines. This means that you can receive a weekly massage and experience a dramatic relief from your headaches. They will reduce in number, reduce in severity and your recovery time will shorten.

We know that migraines can be life altering and we do everything that we can to reduce your symptoms. We can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle, perform therapeutic massages to reduce symptoms and provide a welcoming sanctuary of recover. Take back your life. Don’t let migraines rule your day. Come work with us at Pro Sports Massage and Spa to reclaim your life from recurring migraines.