The Beautifying Effects Of A Spa MassageWe go on and on about the health benefits of massage. Yes, massage will make you feel better. Yes, a spa massage will boost your immune system. Yes, massage can reduce the effects of neuropathy, act as preventative medicine to reduce medical bills, reduce migraine pain and help heal sports injuries. But what most people don’t realize is that massage can actually have beautifying effects. Yes, massage can make you glow a little brighter.

This happens because of a simple premise – massage restores blood flow. A little poke and prod in the right place will intensify the blood flow to certain areas of your body. In fact, you may feel the effect right away on the massage table. It can feel like your hand, arm, leg or face comes back to life like a limb that has fallen asleep.

Blood is essential for healing. Blood enters your heart, is pumped into the lungs where it picks up oxygen, reenters the heart and is pumped back out into your body to supply your body with nutrients. Your blood is full of food energy and oxygen when it is red. This energy and oxygen is delivered to the organs, bones, hair, skin and muscle. Your body needs these nutrients to grow, live and heal. The more blood that reaches an area, the healthier that area can be.

Massage allows for more blood flow. This makes your body heal faster, but it also makes your body more beautiful. More nutrients mean a healthier glow for our skin, a brighter shine for your hair and a harder nail on the end of your fingertips. Your skin will constantly be replenished, which slows down the aging process. So come into Pro Sports Massage and Spa to get your rejuvenating, healing and beautifying massage today. You can make an appointment at