Pain Relief For The Nine-To-Five AchesHuman beings were not meant to sit at a desk for eight hours per day. The body is meant to be active, outdoors, athletic and healthy. But exercise and outdoor activity aren’t always possible, especially in the dead of a South Dakota winter. But you should be aware of the dangers of a sedentary job and lifestyle. Your body can actually bend out of shape and this can affect your nerve health.

When you sit at a chair all day long, your muscles become used to the position. They may weaken as they grow accustomed to the new inactive posture. This can force them to mold into unnatural shapes in your body. Your muscles can actively learn how to be inactive.

This can become a problem. Your muscles should help hold your skeleton in place. The skeleton itself is not active; it is your muscles that hold the skeleton in place. One system – the muscles – helps the other system – the skeleton – stay in the proper place, and vice versa. It is a symbiotic relationship. When one of these systems degrades, it can have lasting health effects.

So when your muscles acclimate and weaken to an indoor lifestyle, they begin to pull on your skeleton. This can actually pull your bones out of alignment. This is called a sublixation. A sublixation can show symptoms of nerve pain and neuropathy. This is because the skeleton holds up your nervous system.

Your nerves run through your body like a series of wires. It starts in your brain, and then a thick wire runs down your spine and into your legs. Smaller wires branch out of the spine and form a web of tiny filaments all over your body. We call these neural pathways wires because they emit electricity that is responsible for moving your muscles. Nerves are also responsible for feeling sensations.

When the skeleton gets out of place, the nerves that it supports can get out of place. It is like a telephone pole that bends and pulls on the wires. It may pull some of the wires out of the socket or reduce the gauge of other wires by stretching them. In your body, your wires can be pinched or stretched, making it difficult to relay messages from your body to your brain, and vice versa.

If you experience this type of pain, don’t worry; it’s common. You can reduce the effects of misalignment with exercise and regular massages. Massage is great for nine-to-five pain relief because it releases the muscles that pull on your skeleton. This relieves the stress on your musculoskeletal frame and it reduces the stress on your nerve fibers. Essentially, massage fixes that down telephone pole in your body.

At Pro Sports Massage and Spa, we take your health very seriously. Not only will we massage you for pain relief, we will work with you to design a new, healthy lifestyle that will prevent pain in the future. We are in the business of making people feel better.