Overworked Muscle Create Tension ImbalanceWhether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, performance is important. Athletes take pride in their performances and their ability to perform. Every athlete has a slightly different goal, however. Some athletes are competing against themselves with a weekly battle to get better than last week. Some athletes train just for pride, taking great enjoyment out of the competition, climb, bike, hike or swim. Other athletes take winning very seriously and they finely tune their bodies for extreme competition; they will do whatever it takes. But no matter what kind of athlete you consider yourself, we at Pro Sports Massage and Spa are here to help you.

Your body cannot perform at its potential if it is out of alignment. This is fact. Your musculoskeletal system can actually come out of alignment in several different ways. You may notice some misalignment symptoms in everyday life, such as pain when you bend over to pick up something light, a tweaked feeling when rolling over in bed or an exaggerate gate; walking with pain, a limp or discomfort. These are all signs of your body, bones and muscles being out of alignment.

When you work out, compete or perform, your muscles work very hard. These muscles can actually tense up over time and you may even develop asymmetries. Take a baseball pitcher, for example. A right handed pitcher pushes off the mound with his right leg and throws with his right arm. A lot of force is put into that side of the body, while the left side simply balances the body after follow through. The right side of this athletes body needs to tense and explode, creating a dangerous imbalance of strength.

In this case, the muscles of the right side of the body become stronger than the left. These muscles pull the entire body toward the right side because of the tension in the muscles. This can create what chiropractors call a subluxation; the misalignment of the spine because of an asymmetry in the muscles.

You don’t have to be a baseball pitcher to experience this asymmetry. In fact, you can experience this muscle-tug phenomena not being an athlete at all. A lot of people carry stress in the shoulders, making the muscles around the neck tight which can pull your body out of alignment. But there is a solution to all of this. You can stretch to increase the flexibility of these muscles and receive intermittent sports massage.

Professional athletes have instant access to sports massage when they show up to work. At the arena, ballpark stadium, there is always someone on staff that can perform these specialized massages. The people that own these sports teams invest a lot of money into their players and they don’t want these imbalances of strength.

A sports massage releases tension in heavily worked muscles. When you work a muscle hard, it can tense up and stay tensed, pulling on your skeletal frame. A specialized sports massage therapist can make sure that these muscles release using skilled techniques. This releases the muscles so that it does not pull on your frame, and it helps keep you in balance.

Treat yourself like a professional athlete and enjoy a sports massage today. Our friendly and attentive staff can screen you for any tight muscles and release any tension they find in your body. This means that you can train harder, get into better shape and not have to worry about imbalance injuries. When your skeletal frame returns to balance, you will notice an improvement in your posture, balance, speed, strength, power and endurance.