Organic beautyOn Valentine’s Day, there is no better feeling than making her feel beautiful. But if you are a part of the growing natural, herbal, organic beauty and green trend, then the old standbys might not work for you anymore; not once you realize that traditional makeups are full of toxic chemicals; not once you realize that chocolates can be really bad for you.

One of the best ways to improve beauty is from the inside; with positive thought and with the proper nutrition. The skin wants to be healthy. That is its natural state. It only breaks down when we poison it with bad foods, air pollution and stress. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find the right nutrition in the supermarket these days.

Just take a look at the labels of your old-time favorite foods. You’ll see everything is loaded with fructose and sugar. And everything is pretty lean on essential nutrients. But if you give her body the right nutrients, it will do wonders for her overall glow. Because the skin is the last organ to receive nutrition in the body, it is essential to eat incredibly nutritious supplements, foods and herbs.

The gift of a day at Pro Sports Massage and Spa in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, will make her feel healthy, clean and beautiful. We can guide her on what food choices to make, advise on food supplements and then treat her to a relaxing massage.

Massage has scientifically been proven to reduce the effects of stress. It relaxes the blood vessels, reduces blood pressure and stops the production of cortisol in the blood. It increases a feeling of relaxation and happiness. And we all know that a happy person is a good looking person. So treat her to the organic way to look beautiful – with nutrition and massage.