Body AlignedIf you lift weights, you might notice a plateau or even a reduction in the amount of weight that you can lift. A plateau or regression may not actually be your fault, nor is it completely natural. While some plateaus and regressions are due to repeated workouts, others plateaus are actually caused by your body being out of line.

Just look at a professional athletic team here in the United States. You could even look at Sioux Falls’ own minor league team, the Sioux Falls Canaries. These teams, whether they are major league level or minor league level, all carry a physical fitness staff. This staff usually includes a trainer, a chiropractor and a massage therapist.

When an athlete starts to experience a plateau or a slump, the physical fitness staff will take a look at him or her. They will assess whether anything is out of line and then present a plan to fix it. Once the physical alignment problem is fixed, the athlete can then regain all strength and play at his or her potential.

When your body is out of alignment, it is called a subluxation. A chiropractor or massage therapist can tell if you have a subluxation with a series of rather simple looking tests. These tests aren’t very simple, though. They usually consist of laying you down, lengthening your legs or arms, and then comparing the two limbs to see if one of them is longer than the other. There are also a series of strength tests in which you’d be put into an awkward position and told to hold against resistance. These tests tell the practitioner whether or not you are in alignment.

Then the chiropractor and massage therapist get to work. The chiropractor performs a series of moves to release alignment problems. They may come with a sharp cracking sound like cracking your knuckles, only on a much larger scale. Then it is the massage therapists turn.

The Sports Massage therapist will makes sure that muscles do not pull the body back out of alignment. We do this by taking the tension out of muscles that are capable of pulling you into a subluxation. These periodic massages are enjoyable, while the chiropractor can be painful. And the massages keep you in alignment so that you don’t have to see the chiropractor again.

People are amazed at how much more they can accomplish after being tended to like a professional athlete. With the body in alignment, you are capable of amazing feats of strength. Plus, you’ll be able to walk longer, hike farther and run more; all because your body’s muscles are where they are designed to be. The human body is a fascinating structure that is capable of amazing things when it is put into position to do so.

Unfortunately, you don’t have to be a professional athlete to suffer the wear and tear that can lead to subluxation. Something as simple as sitting at a desk for eight hours per day can actually put you out of alignment. So, when you bend over to pick up those clothes off the floor, you may feel your knees buckle, your back quake, or you may feel pain. This is your body telling you that it is out of alignment.

Once you get your body back into alignment, you will see a rise in the amount of weight you can lift. But you also need to stay on top of it. Periodic massages, along with regular exercise and stretching, can keep your body firing on all cylinders. Come into Pro Sports Massage and Spa to keep your body in tip-top shape with sports massages.