Find Out Why QRS Is Becoming So PopularAt ProSports and Spa Massage, we were proud to be among the first organizations in the Sioux Falls region to introduce QRS — a new form of magnetic therapy that has a long list of great benefits for anyone who uses it.

Unfortunately, though, many people don’t yet know about QRS or how it would improve their lives. If you’ve heard of QRS but haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet, this is for you! Let’s review some of the best benefits of QRS that our customers cheer about again and again.

A Quick Overview Of “The Best Of” QRS Magnetic Therapy

QRS is a form of magnetic therapy that interacts with the natural electrical and magnetic charges of your body. Electrical flow is extremely important in virtually all of your body’s functions — it helps to regulate cells, nerves, and impulse between the neurons of your brain.

When the voltage running between your body’s systems is not correct, damage results. QRS helps to relieve these issues as well as stimulating cells and providing your body with valuable cues to engage in important natural processes.

As a result, it can:

Eliminate Free Radicals

People seek out foods with antioxidants in order to eliminate free radicals that can damage cells. With QRS therapy, your body is empowered to remove free radicals more efficiently on its own, helping protect you against a variety of ailments.

Revitalize Cells

Your cells have an ongoing metabolic process that determines when they grow, live, and die. The more cells your body is required to create, the faster you will age overall. QRS magnetic therapy helps to extend the effective lifespan of cells.

Reduce Pain And Improve Energy

When your cells are in peak condition, so are you. QRS magnetic therapy helps you to reduce pain and feel greater energy throughout the day. When used on a regular basis, it can help to improve quality of life and extend your years.

QRS magnetic therapy isn’t available just anywhere in Sioux Falls, so you should trust your treatment to the team that introduced it to the area. Whether it’s your first time with QRS or your fifth, you’re sure to have a relaxing and invigorating experience that will make a big difference.

To book your QRS magnetic therapy treatment, call us today. We look forward to the opportunity to introduce you to this exciting new healing modality — and provide you with benefits that truly have to be felt to be believed. Don’t wait, try us today.