Bring your senseValentine’s Day is all about love and kindness. You love the feeling of being loved. You love the warmth of settling in together for a cold Sioux Falls’ night cuddle. You love the hugs and kisses. And Valentine’s Day is celebrated with romance. People give each other chocolates that are a treat to the tongue, flowers that fill the air with a sultry scent and amazing dinners that will delight the taste buds.

So why not drive the romantic nature of the day a little bit further? We invite you to come into Pro Sports and Spa massage for a little indulgence. A spa massage is the perfect way to start the day off right.

You may have noticed that some days feel different than others. On certain days you feel a little more conscious of touch. On other days, you feel really conscious to the cold outside. Your body literally feels a little bit differently every day.

But a sport or spa massage can have you focused on how your body feels and make you feel better than expected. At first, your mind tenses up just a little bit. You focus on the fact that another person is handling your body. Then your worries start to drift away. You get that calm, collected focus on what is happening. You feel every movement and every muscle slowly let go. You’ve finally arrive in the now.

After a spa massage, your body will be alert and aware of everything. Both you and your partner can feel enlivened. Colors will appear brighter, your Valentine’s Day chocolate will be all the more enjoyable, the sweet smell of your roses will be more notable. Starting Valentine’s Day off with a massage will bring your senses to life. And that is what the day is all about.