Massage And Radical Thought ChangeYou deserve to be brilliantly happy and healthy and Pro Sports and Spa Massage in Sioux Falls can help you achieve this. I am the gifted, licensed massage therapist at Pro Sports and Spa Massage and I can use my talents to help you live your best life ever.

Did you know that massage can actually cause radical thought changes in a very powerful and positive manner? This is not some made up fiction, this is based on mountains of research and I have the experience and insight to help you in a holistic manner. We have all heard the phrase “the power of positive thinking.” There is a lot of truth to that and massage helps you think positively, which in turn helps you live a positive, happy, healthy life as you go through your day to day routine. Quantum physicists are doing amazing research that supports the theory that what we think is what we create. Massage can help you in a very holistic manner to put out positive thoughts and create a positive life. Thoughts create reality so you want to choose positive thoughts. Massage can help get you in the perfect mind set to create positive, life affirming thought patterns and support radical life changes.

Your mood is highly affected by the chemicals that are released into your body. When a body is stressed or depressed it causes certain chemicals to be released within the body. These chemicals can affect your mood and it can create a vicious circle. A depressed mood will cause more of the same chemicals to be released and cause more depression and anxiety.

Massage can break this cycle. Massage has been proven to be an effective way to increase the release of serotonin and endorphins. These are powerful chemicals that naturally improve mood. If you have ever had a professional massage then you know it is nearly impossible to feel depressed or anxious after receiving this holistic treatment. The relief of tension combined with the flood of mood lifting chemicals creates an organism that is more balanced, happy, and serene. In this state of mind positive change is very possible and likely to occur.

Increased serotonin and endorphin levels have been shown to enhance problem solving abilities. A therapeutic massage can help you look at problems in an entirely new way with better insight and a calmer approach due to the effects on your body and the increase in release of these powerful chemicals. Therapeutic massage can cause radical thought changes. Massage can help you break vicious cycles that are brought on by stress and depression and the negative thought processes that can be propagated within that cycle.

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