Neck & Head Pain Relief

– Headaches and tension in the scalp are often due to the tightness of the muscles that surround the skull. Tension headaches can occur when we strain the muscles in our head and neck.


– Is a throbbing pain in your head, especially on one side behind your eyes – occur when the blood vessels in the scalp expand, and they can be triggered by anything from stress to bright sunlight. The face contains a huge number of nerve receptors, which is why a face massage can have profound effects all through the body. It can change your mood, enhance relaxation and give you pain relief.

Typical, everyday activities can cause neck pain – sleep habits, posture, work habits and even leisure activities can affect our necks. Sitting at the computer for long hours without stretching, slouching when relaxing, using a pillow without enough neck support – these are the kinds of things that make neck pain one of the most common health problems. Therapeutic massage is one of the most popular and effective therapies for neck and head pain, including migraines.

A study – “Massaging Over the Greater Occipital Nerve Reduces the Intensity of Migraine Headaches.” – showed that massage can reduce migraine headaches. The Greater Occipital Nerve (GON) runs through the middle of the Suboccipital Triangle – four small muscles on either side of the upper neck. The GON innervates the scalp and areas over the ears. When our neck muscles get tight, especially the occipital muscles at the base of the skull, irritation of the GON occurs. Tight muscles and nerve irritation can make anyone miserable. The benefits of massage are unmistakable – muscle relaxation, increased blood flow and stress-reduction.