Photo_2010_400x400Clients are thrilled when they discover I go a quantum leap beyond the typical massage in Sioux Falls.  My mission is to get to the source of the problem, not just provide temporary relief until their next session.

My life-long interest in massage started as a result of childhood problems. At the age of 12, after one reflexology treatment, my problem went away. I decided I wanted to help people by becoming an effective, knowledgeable massage therapist. I don’t diagnose or prescribe – I just bring the Life Energy back to your body. When I was 20 I felt like I was 80, and I said, “God, if you ever get me well … no, when you get me well, I will not stop helping people.”

I love to help people by doing the intuitive work of helping with life flow so that you can be the best you can be. When someone comes in with back pain, I have the person lie face down, warm my creams, do detailed hand work to find each, individual muscle that’s complaining. I’m going to make them stop hurting with a loving touch – and only to the degree that feels comfortable. I only want your body to say, ‘ahhhh.’ But you’ll be off in dream-land, thinking ‘this feels just right.’ I often have people asleep by the time I get to the first foot.

If you want to know the causes for your back pain, you’ll learn about it with me. You’ll see that it’s such a huge relief to get back pain relieved thoroughly and quickly, and you’ll get feedback about your low-energy spot on your body. I want to raise the Life Energy in your body by altering the negative energy and converting it to positive energy. I’m not talking about a negative attitude – it’s about energy in the body and where it’s blocked.

A good massage is at just the right depth for your body to say ‘ahhh.’ I want you so relaxed, that you’ll be like my longest client who’s so relaxed that she doesn’t even want to roll over. I’ve been doing massage therapy, including as a physical therapy assistant, since 1997. I’ve studied many different approaches, and ultimately my approach is intuitive – I listen to your body to do what’s needed. I do extensive continuing education – three to four times the CE units required. And I have a long list of satisfied clients.

I’ve developed my own range of therapies, from ultra-light massage to heavy-duty deep tissue. I do medical massage – post-accident, therapeutic massage, sports massage and elder massage, as well as pediatric massage, pregnancy massage and Spa parties. The first time you come in, we’ll ask you to fill out a health form. You’ll immediately sense a relaxed environment with a professional massage table so that your muscles are easily accessible. Customers typically say one, three-letter word when they leave: “wow.”

I’ll help you find the reason for your problem, and help you overcome your pain in one to three treatments. This is one of the best ways to save money on your healthcare cost. Compared to other massage therapists, you won’t have to come as often.