An Introduction To QRS Magnetic Therapy

Did you know that all living things — including you, right now — have electrical fields? So many of the functions of your body work using electrical pulses that it would be impossible to list them all, but yes, the electrical output of a person is something that can be known and measured.

To give just one example, understand that the human brain operates to a very great extent using electrical energy. The pulses between the neurons of your brain help to define and transmit your thoughts and perceptions up and down your body faster than anyone can imagine.

Magnetic fields can also be generated mechanically by the movement of electrical pulses. Knowing this, it is not surprising to learn that a magnetic field generated under the right conditions can help you to regulate and improve the functions of your body.

“Bioelectromagnetics” Is A Big Word For A Safe And Effective Wellness Tool

The study of how magnetic fields interact with living creatures is called “bioelectromagnetics.” Although the use of magnetic therapy to help people achieve wellness is considered “alternative medicine,” there is sound science to show that magnetic fields can help in many situations:

— Magnetic fields can temporarily change how pain receptors work, potentially relieving pain.
— Magnetic fields have helped reduce symptoms for people who suffer from mood disturbances.
— Magnetic fields have been used under controlled conditions to stimulate nerves for healing.

QRS magnetic therapy helps to take this science and put it in a package that we can all use for wellness treatments. QRS therapy uses a “pulsed magnetic field” very similar to the ones used for the most compelling research on the subject.

How QRS Magnetic Therapy Improves Your Health And Wellness

QRS has been studied and proven to promote wellness in surprising ways. It has even been used by astronauts on long-term space missions — where the room available for any type of equipment is very limited!

QRS can help spa patients in all these ways and more:

— Reduce bone loss and increase bone density for those at special risk of bone problems.
— Stimulate damaged tissue in a safe and effective way to help athletes recover from injuries.
— Help control free radicals that are associated with aging and degradation at the cellular level.
— Improve and moderate cell voltage so that cells can communicate between each other easily.

At Pro Sports and Spa Massage, we’re proud to offer QRS magnetic therapy to our visitors. Hundreds of people from all around Sioux Falls have benefited from our treatments. Contact us today to learn all about QRS and our other spa offerings.