Improve Your Breathing With A Massage For Stress ReliefIf you haven’t had the opportunity to get a massage for a long time, you might be very surprised just how valuable it can be for you. There are benefits to massage you truly have to experience to believe.

One of the most interesting benefits of massage is the way it can improve — that is, deepen and strengthen — your breathing. For many people who suffer from chronic stress or anxiety, this can be one of the most powerful benefits of massage.

It is also one of the ones that is not very well known. Let’s learn more.

How A Relaxing Massage Can “Open Your Chest” To Help You Breathe Easier

You already know massage can help you have stress relief and tension throughout your body. But don’t forget that massage can help you throughout practically your entire body, not just on your back and shoulders.

Even if your massage does focus on your back, remember that each and every muscle in your body is closely related. When one set of muscles is tense, it forces the rest of the body to hold tension by pulling on those other muscles too hard or in unusual ways.

When you get a relaxing massage, you will usually find that you are breathing more easily afterward. Why is this? Well, it has to do with the way our bodies process stress and how massage breaks the cycle through relaxation.

When we become anxious or worried, one of the first things that we do is inhibit our breath. At the same time, the muscles of the chest that have to do with breathing become tight. People who are stressed out often “hold in” their breath, which amplifies the tension they feel.

Holding in the breath is a natural survival instinct from an earlier time in history. However, it causes the body to maintain those feelings of fear for much longer than it would otherwise. This can help give rise to anxiety, a “generalized” feeling of worry that never seems to go away.

To break the bonds of anxiety, we need to intercede and help the body to process it normally and naturally. A massage will help you return to natural and healthy habits of breathing — long, even, slow in-breaths and out-breaths.

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