How Can Spa Treatments Help You With Pain Relief?Whether you are suffering from acute pain from an injury or chronic pain such as back, neck, and shoulder issues, a professional spa treatment could be exactly what you need to feel better.

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain. Generally, these problems originate in posture habits we may have picked up during youth and not even notice until we suffer from tension.

People can learn new habits — but to do so effectively, they first have to release the pain and tension from their existing condition. In Sioux Falls, the best place to explore pain relief is at ProSports and Spa Massage.

Massage Treatments Are A Great Way To Release Ingrained Pain And Tension

Once we begin to feel pain throughout the shoulders, neck, and back, the way we move will adapt so this pain is minimized. That usually means the muscles around the painful area will be tightened and shortened by our adjusted posture.

A massage is the perfect way to undo these habits by unwinding the affected muscles. Even one massage can significantly reduce muscle pain and tension. We recommend our customers enjoy occasional follow up massages to discourage any unhealthy patterns of movement.

Combined with exercise, eating right, and deep breathing, massage can help you control or even eliminate pain that comes from misplaced muscle tension. The benefits are immediate and long-lasting!

Treat Acute Sports Injuries And Other Issues With Infrared Sauna Treatments

If you’ve endured a training injury such as an overworked muscle or a sprain, it’s important that you get great care to accelerate your healing process. Our infrared sauna is one of the best ways to help with both chronic and acute pain.

You already know that warm water helps to improve blood flow and energize the natural healing process. When this is coupled with infrared light at different lengths of exposure, healing is made faster and easier as cells absorb the beneficial energy.

Infrared sauna treatments can significantly reduce healing time and help control pain in as little as twenty minutes. Greater cell oxygenation and tissue growth will make an almost immediate difference in the healing process, beginning as soon as your treatment is done.

To discover more about how professional spa treatments can help you overcome pain and restore your body’s full potential, contact ProSports and Spa Massage today. We are available by phone or email to discuss your needs and book your appointment.