How An Infrared Sauna Treatment Contributes To Health And RelaxationIn Sioux Falls, there are many people interested in feeling their best through great spa treatments. At ProSports and Spa Massage, we are always looking for the best new ways to help you on your journey of self-care!

Now, we are proud to offer our Sioux Falls customers intensive infrared spa treatments as a new and refreshing way to enjoy relaxation and other great benefits. If you haven’t heard about the infrared spa trend yet, you are in for a real treat!

Luminaries like Oprah and Dr. Oz have come out to discuss the benefits of the infrared spa, and people around the United States are enjoying its unique benefits. Of course, you have probably already had a traditional spa treatment before. What makes this so special?

The Difference With Infrared Sauna Treatments

Conventional spa treatments are already a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate the body. The flow of warm water in a traditional spa helps to enhance blood flow, relax muscle tension, and help with recovery from a variety of sports-related issues.

Spa treatments are a central part of the therapeutic plan for any athlete who is dealing with range of motion issues after an injury. Of course, a dip in the sauna can also be helpful for non-athletes who wish to relax and eliminate tension.

Adding infrared to the sauna treatment makes it much more powerful!

Infrared is a special category of light that can permeate the body’s cells. Most people are familiar with infrared technology — it’s used for remote controls and other “gadgets” — but the realization that it has powerful healing capabilities is just emerging.

During an infrared sauna treatment, you’ll be exposed to infrared light at a variety of distances. Each different kind of exposure has the power to prompt different forms of cellular healing and restoration. Plus, many people find the light itself to be relaxing.

Infrared sauna treatments can provide all the following benefits:

— Thorough detoxification of the body through purifying sweat as light heats the body.
— Calorie burning and higher metabolic output as the body strives to keep itself cool.
— Pain relief and relaxation thanks to the penetrating qualities of the infrared light.
— Reduced blood pressure and improved circulation through better heart function.
— Anti-aging and wound healing through the properties of “near” infrared light.

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