Sleep Problems– Spa massage is often used to help babies sleep, and is useful in treating sleep disorders in adults. Massage is one of several hands-on strategies known collectively as “bodywork.”

A spa massage is regularly used in sports clinics and rehabilitation centers to loosen or soothe sore, aching muscles. And massage also helps to reduce stress, improve circulation, release tension, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and possibly even strengthen the immune system.

These relaxing effects are what make massage a helpful aid in restoring restful sleep. A spa massage may be especially beneficial in treating sleeping problems that stem from stress, migraine headache, pain, and muscle and joint stiffness. One session may be all it takes to get you hooked. Be sure to tell the practitioner if you have any particular illness or injury that they should be aware of, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Several studies have shown how massage therapy not only lessened lower back pain and headaches, but also helped patients sleep better and lessened their anxiety and depression: Hernandez-Reif et al, 2001; Sunshine et al, 1996; Field et al, 2002; Hernandez-Reif et al, 1998. Another interesting massage study (Culpepper-Richards, 1998) showed that critically ill patients reported having improved sleep patterns, both in the quality and quantity of sleep, compared to those who received only relaxation exercises.

Most people report that they have much deeper and more restful sleep after receiving a massage or reflexology session. And research has shown that if we are stressed or sleep deprived, our health is seriously compromised – because proper sleep promotes our healing.