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Sports Massage

A Spa Massage Can Save You Money Versus Expensive Doctor Bills

These days, whenever someone has a health complaint, conventional wisdom tells them to go and see a doctor. While you should definitely consult a physician if you have symptoms that concern you, you should also consider how a spa massage can help. […]

The Difference Between Sports Massage And Other Kinds Of Massage

One of the questions that we receive frequently has to do with the difference between sports massages and other types of massage. Is sports massage appropriate for non-athletes? When should you choose one type of massage over another? […]

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When Should You Use A Sports Massage To Enhance Your Health?

Many people around Sioux Falls have not yet had the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a full sports massage. They might hear the term and believe only athletes can benefit from this kind of massage, but in fact, there are many situations where it can be helpful. To get used to the process of massage, the majority of customers should consider a much lighter, therapeutic massage first. Once the body gets used to the feeling of massage, however, it can be appropriate to try out a sports massage. […]

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Client Testimonial

What my clients are saying about their experience:                 I love what I do! It is so rewarding to help people. I would love to help you too. Call me for a free consultation 605-661-0606

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