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Spa treatments

A Spa Massage Can Save You Money Versus Expensive Doctor Bills

These days, whenever someone has a health complaint, conventional wisdom tells them to go and see a doctor. While you should definitely consult a physician if you have symptoms that concern you, you should also consider how a spa massage can help. […]

Spa Massages Can Help You Change Your Thoughts And Your Life

Spa Massages are one of the most powerful healing modalities when it comes to reducing stress because it helps your body to incorporate the positive energy from someone else, a trained massage practitioner. Massage helps unlock the “deep down” tension that leads to pain — sometimes, we experience this relatively small amount of pain for so long that we aren’t even aware of it and the effect it can have on our moods. […]

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QRS Magnetic Therapy Is A Revolutionary Way To Revitalize Your Cells

If you are looking for an anti-aging treatment that will strengthen you now and help you enjoy vigorous health long into the future, we are glad to offer you an amazing new option you won’t find elsewhere around Sioux Falls: QRS magnetic therapy. Health and wellness practitioners have long understood that the body has its own magnetic field. This field helps to promote the ordinary function of the body and may be the original source of what many people think of as their aura. With QRS magnetic therapy, we have undeniable evidence that the power of magnets and magnetism can help restore damaged cells and promote health. In fact, no other treatment provides quite the same benefits. QRS therapy uses a simple control device that generates healthy magnetic resonance fields to help the human body. The fields can be created using a mat that customers lie down on, a pillow that allows more localized treatment, or even smaller applicators for very specific treatments. […]

Spa Relaxation Massages Are Crucial For Performing At Your Best

These days, millions of Americans deal with symptoms related to stress. In fact, there are more people taking prescription medication for stress and related issues than at any other time in the history of the world. True relaxation is absolutely critical for peak functioning and performance. Yet, it is easy to confuse “relaxation” and “recreation,” and most people may not be getting enough of either! […]

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