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Looking for a Relaxing Way to Spend a Special Occasion? Try This.

Knowing how and when to relax is one of the most important skills that you can develop for a healthy life. At ProSports and Spa Massage, we use massage to help people achieve the deep relaxation that is missing for so many people in the hectic world we live in. Relaxation is always welcome, so [...]

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Spa Massages Can Help You Change Your Thoughts And Your Life

Spa Massages are one of the most powerful healing modalities when it comes to reducing stress because it helps your body to incorporate the positive energy from someone else, a trained massage practitioner. Massage helps unlock the “deep down” tension that leads to pain — sometimes, we experience this relatively small amount of pain for so long that we aren’t even aware of it and the effect it can have on our moods. […]

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When Should You Use A Sports Massage To Enhance Your Health?

Many people around Sioux Falls have not yet had the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a full sports massage. They might hear the term and believe only athletes can benefit from this kind of massage, but in fact, there are many situations where it can be helpful. To get used to the process of massage, the majority of customers should consider a much lighter, therapeutic massage first. Once the body gets used to the feeling of massage, however, it can be appropriate to try out a sports massage. […]

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Spa Relaxation Massages Are Crucial For Performing At Your Best

These days, millions of Americans deal with symptoms related to stress. In fact, there are more people taking prescription medication for stress and related issues than at any other time in the history of the world. True relaxation is absolutely critical for peak functioning and performance. Yet, it is easy to confuse “relaxation” and “recreation,” and most people may not be getting enough of either! […]

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