Is There A Best Way To Enjoy Your Sauna?One of our most beloved treatments is the spa sauna treatment. Whether you decide to enjoy a conventional sauna treatment or our breakthrough infrared sauna, you can relax and rejuvenate your body in a calming environment. People come back for sauna treatments again and again!

Many people who have never been to a sauna wonder if there is any “trick” to it, or anything special that they should do to improve the experience. To help people understand the process a little bit better, we’ve created this handy guide to the sauna.

Getting The Most From Your Sauna Treatment

Don’t Worry

First of all, don’t worry too much about following rules and doing things a certain way when you visit the sauna. Although the sauna isn’t a guided experience like massage, it is meant to be very relaxing. You really “can’t go wrong” with your sauna visit, so let things develop naturally.

Avoid Eating Before Your First Visit

It’s important to be hydrated before your sauna visit, because you will sweat out toxins and lose a bit of water in the process. If it is your first time to the sauna, however, you may wish to eat light or not at all before you visit. This will help you to avoid stomach upset. Plus, eating less will mean your body isn’t devoting energy and resources to digestion during your treatment.

Get Plenty Of Rest

You might feel sluggish and tired during and immediately after your treatment, so it is a good idea to get plenty of rest before you get started. Falling asleep in the sauna is not recommended! Note that some people feel energized and “charged up” after the sauna, so you have to learn how it affects you.

When It Comes To Sauna And Other Spa Treatments, The #1 Rule Is: Enjoy!

Some people are concerned that they might feel nauseous or dizzy in the sauna, but the way to get over these worries is to give it a try. Virtually all of our customers report that the sauna is a pleasant experience that they want to try out again and again. Don’t be nervous!

A sauna has amazing health benefits, and these only get better as you visit the sauna more often. Would you like to get started? All you need to do is call or email ProSports and Spa Massage. Set up an appointment for a spa visit, or even combine it with a massage. You’ll feel the relaxation!