PositiveScience is finally coming around. It is finally recognizing what many of us have known for years – that your thoughts actually have an impact on the world around you. It is crazy to think that science is actually on the forefront of proving that this idea is a reality. If you stay in a positive mood, then positive things will continually happen to you in your positive world.

The brain is a complex and beautiful thing. One of the brain’s core functions is to release chemicals into your blood called peptide. These peptides go out into your cells and actually change the way your body feels. When a cell feels, it emits a certain frequency of energy. There is one frequency for excited and another for sad, and so on. Some scientists now believe that these frequencies actually call to each other; essentially inviting like energy to you.

But you and your brain can become addicted to certain peptides. If you work an incredibly stressful job, then you might always feel nervous or on edge. Then you might notice that negative things always happen around you during the day. It may be the result of your cells calling that energy into your life.

You have control over your thoughts. With a little discipline, you can choose to focus on positive energy throughout the day. It is not an easy adjustment at first, but it will definitely pay off. The worst it can do is help your health. Doctors have known for years that thinking positive actually helps your health. You live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country. Get outside and try to feel good.

One of the best tools you have at your disposal for positive thinking is simple – a massage. Massages have scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure and increase happiness in your thoughts. Think about the last massage you had. You probably felt incredibly well after leaving and you may have even fallen asleep on the table. This is common because a massage simply melts your stress away; allowing you to relax and enjoy the moment.

The next time you have a massage, try to hold onto that wonderfully relaxed and refreshed feeling. Hold onto it as long as possible, because scientists think you can actually get addicted to that positive thought. Your brain will start to churn out more of those positive peptides which react with your cells. Then your cells submit a positive frequency and attract positivity. It really is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Thinking positively all the time can be difficult. That’s why we recommend that you take the time for yourself every once in a while. Get a massage, and that can be a real radical thought changer. You’ll start to notice that little positive things happen to you all day long. People will be more helpful, you’ll be more productive at work and you’ll get outside more to enjoy the rugged beauty of South Dakota. It can all start with a simple massage at Pro Sports Massage and Spa.